Training services

White Label Training is a training design consultancy that produces high quality content, directly tailored to training needs.

At White Label Training, we provide bespoke consultation and implementation on the following vital areas of the training cycle:

We work with our clients to identify clear training requirements to ensure that we produce is exactly what you want.

We then specialise in designing training content which organisations, training specialists or other providers present as their own material.

We use evaluation models including ‘Kirkpatrick’ and work together with our clients to determine how best to measure the changes and implementation back within the working environment.

All of our training solutions and content has been designed by Alison Price, a Chartered Psychologist and Occupational Psychologist who has extensive experience across the training cycle, identifying organisational training needs, designing engaging development programmes, and evaluating outcomes and Return on Investment (ROI).

Alison is a specialist in the Psychology of Training, the implementation of which can fundamentally improve the overall success of the programme.

If you are looking at creating a training programme that creates a lasting impact, then please contact us at White Label Training for a discussion.